Digital wedding invitations

What is the benefit of these invitations?

Visible on any device with internet access

Surely you have heard about digital wedding invitations, which are a web page where all the information that your guests need for your wedding day is summarized, besides having the plus that you can confirm in this link of your digital invitation if they can attend or not, this way you can have a better control of the number of guests.

The essential sections of a digital wedding invitation are:
- Date, time and place of the ceremony and reception
- Location with link to google maps
- Dress code
- Gift table
- RSVP area
- Photo sections

We recommend you to contemplate these areas to make your invitation look more beautiful and complete, optionally add the following sections:
- Lodging recommendations (If you have guests coming from another city)
- Phrases (They can be biblical quotes, songs, movies, series, etc..)
- Song

Some great benefits of digital wedding invitations are that the design of your invitation can be fully adapted to the style of your wedding, you can send the invitation as many times as necessary by whatsapp, messenger, mail or digital media.

All this adds up to great advantages for your guests, for you we also have other benefits, our digital wedding invitations have the option to send you notifications of the responses of your guests by email or whatsapp, with this you will not have to worry about knowing if they already responded to your invitation or not.

Additionally we have an extra tool that links the responses of your guests to a google sheets sheet with google drive access, with this you can have updated responses from your guests in real time and you can download in excel format for greater control.

Having a digital wedding invitation today is one of the most valued #trends, because in addition to having great advantages you are helping to protect the planet by avoiding the felling of trees to produce traditional paper invitations.

Learn about the plans we have for you or create your own according to your needs by clicking on this link.

Now you know the main benefits of digital wedding invitations, see our examples of invitations here and if you like them contact us by whatsapp (686)2807416 or visit us on We appreciate your confidence for this great day of your lives! ♥

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